When I’m giving advice to business owners, executives, or professionals about online reputation management, one of the things I always stress is the need to own the domain that corresponds to your name (e.g., TammyFinch.com).

While this advice is often unexpected, and lots of people are sure they don’t actually need such a domain, there are actually quite a few reasons to register yours even if you aren’t sure you’ll be using it in the near future. Here’s why I want you to rush out now and register yours if you haven’t already:

You never know when you might need your name as a domain. If you’re a speaker, consultant, or author, having your own name as a domain is a no-brainer. And it’s important to remember that just because you aren’t any of those things now doesn’t mean you won’t be interested in pursuing them in the future. Take my advice and register yours before it’s taken if you can.

Owning your name domain protects you. If you don’t have the domain, someone else could register it and start putting things you don’t want to be associated with online. This is true even if they aren’t doing it intentionally – someone with the same name could build a website with content that could hurt your business or reputation.

Name domains come in handy for lots of reasons. Even if you never need your name domain for professional reasons and don’t have to worry about protecting your reputation, you still might want it someday for a personal blog, to show off a project or portfolio, or as an online version of your resume.

Registering the domain that corresponds with your name only takes a few minutes and isn’t likely to cost you very much money. You will probably be glad you did it later, though, so take a second to reserve yours now!

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