Most business owners just aren’t great at online marketing. However, they tend to think that their choices are to pay tons of money to an expensive agency or give up on finding customers over the internet. Neither seems like an appealing option, does it?

Years of experience have taught me, however, that entrepreneurs usually need two distinct kinds of assistance when it comes to generating revenue from their websites and social profiles.

The First Kind of Help: Planning and Perspective

A lot of my clients are bright, ambitious, and hard-working folks who can easily manage their own accounts… once they know what they should be doing. You probably don’t have hours every day to keep up with topics like search engine optimization and social media marketing. But if you had someone who could nudge you in the right direction, you could probably stay on top of your campaigns with no problems.

A little bit of planning and perspective go a long way when you feel lost in the online marketing jungle.

The Second Kind of Help: Online Marketing Execution

Maybe you know exactly who your customers are and what they do online, but you aren’t great at generating Facebook-friendly images. Or, you like the idea of sending tweets about your latest specials, but don’t have the time to stay on top of your accounts with all the other responsibilities you have as a business owner.

Sometimes, you just need someone to step in and do the little things while you focus on running your company.

Which Type of Online Marketing Help Do You Need?