Although I’ve become something of an Illinois expert in the field of online reputation management, I find that lots of business owners, self-employed people, and professionals don’t really understand the term. Is it something you should care about, especially if you don’t spend a lot of time online?


It absolutely is, and I can give you a very simple explanation that shows why. At the heart of things, online reputation management is the sum of what people read and see about you on the internet. That matters because potential customers, referrals, employees, and even vendors are all going to look you up on Google and Facebook before they ever decide to work with you.


If your online reputation is sterling, then they aren’t going to have any doubts or reservations. But if they are surprised by negative reviews or inaccurate details, then it’s going to take away an opportunity that you probably didn’t even know about.


Online reputation management is all about generating positive word-of-mouth online. That’s going to affect your business and career in a big way, whether you’re aware of it or not.