Online business directory listings were once a hot topic in the world of internet marketing and search engine optimization. By creating profiles and entering your information, you could earn valuable backlinks that would help you move to the top of Google’s listings for a given search phrase.


Many algorithm adjustments later, those backlinks don’t have SEO value any longer. But you should still be using online business directories. And, you should take the time to ensure your listings are consistent and up to date.


There are two good reasons for this. The first is that customers may actually find you on these websites. Or, they may Google your company’s name and come across one of those listings. Either way, you want them to find the right data.


The other reason is that Google uses multiple sources of information for the purposes of corroboration. So, if the contact phone number you have on each of your listings (as an example) is consistent, then Google is more likely to consider you trustworthy and display that information for customers.


Online business directories might not be as prominent as they once were, but consistent and up-to-date listings can still help you win new customers.