I love sending email newsletters. One thing I hate about it, though, is getting a report afterward and seeing that one of my subscribers has decided to take themselves off my list. That doesn’t just tell me they weren’t interested in reading what I had sent, but also that they are far, far less likely to become customers in the future.


There isn’t much you can do about the occasional unsubscribe, but if you seem to be getting more of them than usual, consider breaking your list into several parts.


Often, people choose to stop reading and receiving your email newsletters because they don’t seem relevant enough. That can easily happen if you are targeting a very large audience with a general message. All the sudden, what you’re sending them doesn’t seem to apply very specifically.


If you can change things up and put certain types of subscribers into smaller lists, it becomes easier to target them with the right messages. And then, just like that, your unsubscribe problem disappears!