Small business web design has changed a great deal in the 20+ years since I started. Perhaps one of the most important shifts, though, is one that is easy to miss.

Wondering what this big change was? I’ll tell you: Once upon a time you could put a good website online and leave it in place. Now, you need to keep your pages updated on a regular basis.

The Truth About Small Business Website Updates

Please note I’m not saying you have to redesign your website every year or two. Instead, I’m telling you that little upgrades, improvements, and check-ins are needed. There are really two reasons why:

First, the software that makes your website work is always being updated. In the same way that your phone needs to reset itself every few weeks to run normally and stop hackers from stealing your data, so does your website. If you ignore these little improvements you’ll eventually end up with a site that is slow, clunky, and easy for thieves to target.

Second, your website becomes outdated the minute your business moves and your content doesn’t. When you change people, prices, opening hours, or other details, it’s important that your online presence reflects those changes. Otherwise, you’ll run into situations where people are getting the wrong information. And you can bet they’ll not only be mad about it, but will leave you negative reviews.


How Can You Keep Your Small Business Website Up to Date?

Now that you know why your website has to be updated, let’s talk about how you can keep it running smoothly. The first is to set aside some time each week to review software updates and content changes to ensure things look right. This shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes, but it is important.

The second possibility is to simply work with a web designer who will look after things for you and ask questions when needed. For most business owners and entrepreneurs, this is going to be the more reliable and affordable choice.

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