Local search engine optimization – which is the art and science of using Google to find buyers in your neighborhood – is more popular, and more powerful, than ever before. But business owners who haven’t taken advantage of this trend in the past sometimes ask: What makes it so great?


The short answer is that local SEO is like having a large Yellow Pages ad on the internet, but with a few key differences…


Local Search Visibility Doesn’t Require a Yearly Fee – add some geographic keywords to your website once, and you can keep getting customers forever.


Your Website Can Stay Updated – business owners old enough to remember Yellow Pages listings can recall how frustrating it was to deal with a misprint, or outdated contact information.


Customers Can Get More Information Online – print ads were just ads. On the web, though, your customers can see where you’re located, exactly what your business offers, and what other buyers have said about your products and services.


Put these all together, and you have an incredibly powerful and efficient marketing tool that can help you improve your bottom line almost instantly!