There are a lot of ways to compare different business web designers. You could look at their respective samples and see which ones you like. Or, you could compare fees and see who charges less. You might even sit down to have a consultation with each one to see which web designer has a philosophy that’s closest to your own.


Which of these makes the most sense? I recommend you do all of them, and then follow up by taking a step most potential clients never do: talk to someone else your web designer has worked with.


This person will be able to tell you whether they were treated fairly, what the level of service was like, and how much more (or less) profitable they’ve been as a result of the designer’s work. They’ll tell you what it’s like to deal with the company after you’ve written a deposit check, which is the real test of value.


If you want to know which web designer to use, speak to someone who has been in your shoes and made the choice. They’ll tell you everything you need to know.