There are many, many reasons you should turn to a professional when you need a new website for your business. But, given that there are part-timers, overseas firms, and even do-it-yourself web templates out there, lots of business owners are tempted to try to save a little extra time and money. Who could blame them?


Even though it’s always nice to shave a little bit off your budget, I would still advise you to hire a professional web designer to get what you need. There’s a very easy way to understand why: Most potential customers are going to decide whether to stay on your website or not within a few seconds.


Those seconds can make or break your company. Professional web designers know how to impress buyers, establish your credibility, and code your pages in a way that ensures they will load quickly and consistently. Miss out on any of those pieces, and your website isn’t making you money; it’s costing you money.


No one wants to spend any more than they have to on marketing, but professional web design could turn out to be the best investment you make.

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