If you want to start a lively discussion among a group of business owners, start talking about internet marketing statistics. Friends and strangers alike will gladly tell you where their pages rank on search engines, how many visitors they are receiving, and the number of email subscribers they’ve been able to gather.


People love these kinds of statistics, and for good reason. They are easy to see and understand. But, they also tend to miss the bigger picture.


Internet marketing isn’t about generating views, getting likes, or even convincing Google to take notice of your website. Instead, it’s about knowing who your best potential customers are, getting them to come to your website, and then turning those visits into new relationships. Everything else that happens along the way is only a step or an indicator. If you get too attached to any of them, you’re bound to lose the forest for the trees.


Almost everyone misses the point of internet marketing, but that’s only because the point is so easy to miss when you’re staring at numbers, charts, and other easy-to-read metrics. Have fun looking at the reports you get from your web analytics package. Don’t forget about your after results, though, and gear your efforts toward achieving them more consistently with each new campaign or activity.