There is a lot of advice out there about finding a job using the Internet, and more than a few guides that tell you how you can best take advantage of social media to orchestrate your next career move. That’s why I’m surprised so many job seekers miss an obvious first step when it comes to looking for new opportunities: Follow the companies (and managers) you want to work for on social media.

That doesn’t just mean connecting with them or sending them a friend request, but taking a few minutes a day to actually read what they’ve posted. Doing so can be more powerful than you might think…

Why Following Employers Makes Sense

When you follow a person or company you want to work for, there are several benefits:

  • You get a first look at news that might point to future opportunities
  • You can get a sense of personalities and professional goals, which could become important at the interview stage
  • You get your name in front of employers, and they might remember it later on a resume
  • There’s a chance the person or company will follow you back, which could lead them to your website, resume, or LinkedIn profile
  • You’ll get the chance to comment on things they post, which might start a bigger dialogue that leads them to see you as a valuable potential employee


Start Following Employers on Social Networks Now

The best part about these benefits is that they all come to you at the cost of just a few minutes a day. Even if you aren’t ready to make a career move now, doing so could be a great first step in a longer-term strategy designed to make sure you get the look you deserve when the time is right.

If you aren’t already following employers on a variety of social platforms, it’s time to start making a few new contacts and seeing where they might lead.