As you may have heard, WordPress and Drupal, two popular website content management platforms, disclosed a vulnerability in the programs.  They both put out an update to seal the small hole that can possibly let hackers through to your website.  Here is the issue:

Did you update your site?  This is a problem with the website user.  Many people have websites built for them but do nothing after that.  Users of WordPress websites sometimes do not even know how to update their sites.  Web Services does offer hosting and management services for your website.  If we build the websites, we require our own hosting services.  Here is why:

Security updates and management.  We update our websites to make sure vulnerabilities like the WordPress and Drupal cases are taken care of.
Support.  Do you have a question or do not know how to do something within your website?  Call me!  I can your resource with many questions about technology and software.
Daily back-ups.  We back up your site every night.  Did your website get hacked? Did you make a mistake and need your site restored?  No problem.
Workshops We host technology related workshops that can help you with social media, WordPress, SEO and many other topics.

Contact us for help with your website hosting.  Starting at $250 a year, we can help you keep your website safe and updated.