Finally!  After months of working on my mail server, we have finally found the formula for almost no junk email.  It’s so nice coming in to the office in the morning and finding a few (under 5) junk emails rather than 200.  Obviously, nothing can control all the junk, but it’s so much more manageable now – I unsubscribe to legitimate emails and “teach” my SPAM filter about the few that get through the filter.

It’s estimated that people spend about 40 minutes a day sorting through junk mail.  I know I spent at least that amount of time.  The issue is that it won’t stop.  It’s a very lucrative business for spammers making billions on our time.

If you are a hosting customer of ours, please contact me to get you on the mail server with our new spam filters.  It will save you so much time and time is money when you own a business.