Why Should You Hire a Social Media Consultant?

Social media marketing – that is, the art and science of finding new customers through sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – is still incredibly new, even by Internet standards. Already, however, there are certain trends that are emerging, and certain advantages that small business owners are excited about. One of the most prominent is that social media runs on creativity and attention, as opposed to big budgets, which means it can effectively provide smaller companies with the chance to reach new markets almost for free.

So why is it, then, that so many web design and online marketing firms (like ours) will advise you to consider hiring a social media consultant? The answer is simpler than you might think: because for anything to be cost effective, it has to be effective first.

That’s an important point, because we come across all kinds of small businesses who are eagerly trying to get involved with social network marketing – and are devoting all kinds of time and energy to it – but aren’t getting the results they hoped for. Having someone who knows the landscape, and has an outside perspective on your businesses online marketing efforts, can be a big help.

Here are 3 quick ways a social media consultant can help turn your profiles and content into something that can help you win more business:

  • By making regular updates. Social network marketing might not take a lot of money, but it still does require an investment of time. That’s something a lot of our clients don’t have, and so it’s no surprise that they can’t post as many updates and pieces of new content as they would like. Having a social media consultant who keeps your accounts up to date is a great way to solve this problem.
  • By keeping you on message. Social media for businesses that are trying to find customers is different than having a set of personal accounts. That’s why it’s so important that you stay positive, professional, and on message – three things an outside consultant can do for you.
  • By helping you find new things to try. What’s working on Facebook and the other major social media sites today might not be tomorrow. But few business owners have time to keep up with all the latest tips and trends. For that reason, having someone who can devote time and energy not only to your accounts, but to the industry as a whole, can make all the difference.

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