Shameless Self Promotion  –  I like to jokingly use this term when I am featured in a newspaper article, the local news or just quoted by others.  This actually takes a lot of work but it is great for business.  I was always taught not to talk about yourself because it was considered bragging.  But when you are self promoting your business, its a bit different isn’t it?  We are actually helping people by giving them good information and seen as a resource within our industry.  Does that make sense?

Last year when General Motors pulled their advertising (temporarily) from Facebook, I sent an email to the local news and said “That’s not a big deal, most people follow local business on Facebook and large brands on Twitter.”  At least that is what studies show.  Click here for a link to the story and interview.

The local news worked in a local perspective on a national story.  All of the reporters and journalists that I’ve talked to in the past have said the media works this way.  If you want to get on the news, be quoted or even interviewed, give a local opinion on a national story.  You can also follow HARO (Help a Reporter Out) who are journalists looking for industry stories.  This is a great way to get your name out in front of a lot of people at once.

Follow news channels on Facebook and see what they are talking about.  Give your 2 cents in the comments section when it’s appropriate.  Eventually, clients will see you as a source and you will be the “go to” person for stories within your industry. Many big name companies do this: Tony Robbins sends videos often for inspiration. Tony Horton of the P90X fame gave us a free ab video. We don’t even have to give them our email!

It’s okay to self-promote.  People need to know what you do so they can do business when it’s time.  Using social media and being a friend of journalists are cost-effective ways to do that. Blogging and general stories can also be a game changer.