Yesterday, I presented a new seminar for the Illinois Central College Alumni association about managing your Online Reputation. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous because I had never done this presentation before and the information was new. I thought it was very important to everyone who has an online presence to set some rules on managing what people see.

The attendance to the presentation was fantastic. We had a nice array of people in business, students, teachers and some business owners. I was blown away by the intelligent questions and input from the attendees. Afterwards, I had messages from people wanting the slides to refer to later. I’m posting them here and will also post the video once that is completed.  Click here for a PDF

Also, here are some of the links that I referred to in the presentation to help you clean up your social profiles.

Thank you again to the ICC Alumni Association for allowing me to discuss this important topic. Web Tech Services is also an Alumni member so other ICC Alumni members can receive discounts. I really enjoy being a part of this group. It’s fun to see the campus again and see the bright students that are now attending.