Years ago I had a friend who through no fault of her own, found herself homeless with a young baby. I had a car so I took her to an organization (I won’t mention them) to get a food coupon so she could get food. The lady there was so rude to my friend. I asked her why and she rolled her eyes at me. I’ll never forget crying in the car with my embarrassed friend. I couldn’t do anything because I was poor myself. For years, I would never support that organization because of the way this woman treated my friend. (I’m over it now)

My friend had no family but knew someone who would let her stay the night. Her and her baby had nothing but the clothes on their backs. You will be happy to know my friend dug herself out on her own. She got a job and found a one room apartment to live in. I remember using cardboard boxes covered with sheets for end tables. She was thankful for anything.

Fast forward many years, I have my own business and I’m meeting with a client – a non-profit called Recycling Furniture for Families, who helps people in need furnish their homes with furniture, dishes, beds or whatever they need.   I met with my client and was taking a tour of the warehouse. My first thought was my friend and how I wish they had a place like this for her. While we were there, I saw a volunteer with a woman. I smiled at her as she went by and she looked away. I didn’t know her story but she looked in a bad way. The volunteer was helping her pick out things for her apartment. Here was their conversation that I eavesdropped on:

Woman: I just need a bed if you have one.
Volunteer: Okay, your boy will need one so let’s say two.
Woman: I can have two? Oh that’s so nice… yes.
Volunteer: Yes, please pick out whatever you need. Do you like this couch? How about a table? How big is your kitchen?

This woman was in the same position as my friend years ago but was treated with respect and kindness, as she should have been. The volunteer was making sure she had everything she needed: a toaster, dishes, etc.

I also met other volunteers there, fixing furniture so it would be nice and people wouldn’t have to use cardboard for tables.  There were others planning their delivery day. Each one was working hard for no pay and smiling about it!

Anyway, I hope you will consider giving to this wonderful organization. They are having their big fundraiser this month and I want to help them. I’ve seen first-hand how they help an average of 1,500 people a year and I want to help them as well. No amount is too small. If all my social media friends just gave $10 they would exceed their goal. Here is the link.