1. What is your name and business name?         
Jeanette Burlbaw BS RDMS FSDMS FAIUM, Prenatal Imaging Centers, LLC

2. Tell us about your company:      
I created an obstetrical sonography office that offers quality and affordable diagnostic sonography and patient requested 3D/4D sonography.  I opened the office in 2002.  I offer a casual unrushed schedule that allows my patients the opportunity to ask questions and discuss their pregnancy with their family and friends they invite.  The diagnostic exam is affordable so everyone can have quality obstetric sonography.

3. How did you get started?     

Sample Image 3D/4D Sonography

Sample Image

In 2001 several patients complained that I had only spent 15 minutes with them.  They felt rushed and dismissed.  A skilled sonographer can evaluate a pregnancy in that little time, but it doesn’€™t allow for personal time for the patient.  The patient often doesn’€™t find out the sex or simply see how their baby moves.  They were mad at me, but I had patients lining up in my waiting room and a full schedule to complete.  The sonographer’€™s primary goal in that setting is to get the information the physician/midwife needs to evaluate the pregnancy and complete a report.

I went home to my CPA husband and started talking about how, with the new 3D equipment, I thought I could fill the diagnostic need and social needs of both patient and managing midwife/physician.  He believed in me and with his help I jumped into small business life.
I bought the best equipment available and set my schedule to allow an hour for each diagnostic and 3D patient exam.

4. What would you do if you didn’t have your company?
I would work in a traditional setting as I did prior.

5. What advice would you give others starting a business?
Don’t be naive and think everyone is going to understand and love your business idea.  Be ready to survive the first couple of years without income. It will be more work than you have ever done but very interesting and fulfilling.

6. What do you attribute to your success?
I bought the best equipment, I’m a skilled experienced sonographer and I’m sensitive to my patients needs.

7. Tell us something that no one else knows about you     
I’m shy:)

8. Anything else you care to share?   
It is surprising how frequently malformations are overlooked at the traditional 20 week sonogram.  Those patient request 3D exams allow a credentialed skilled sonographer the opportunity to evaluate the pregnancy when the insurance company doesn’t allow additional exams.

Be sure to only allow someone with the ARDMS credential and experience to image you.  Many 3D businesses are just that businesses.  They are owned and operated by people who have bought a franchise and have had a couple of weeks training by the franchise.

9. How can people contact you if they need your services?
Web site:  www.prenatalimaging.com
E Mail:  prenatalimaging@sbcglobal.net
Phone:  816-741-5300