Social media sites like LinkedIn can be great for making new connections to decision-makers and companies you’d like to work with. But, just like in high school, there’s no guarantee that the people you want to network with are going to accept you into their circles right away.

Luckily, there is a quick and almost foolproof way to add important contacts on social media.

Here’s how it works: find a few lower-level employees at the company you want to work with. Typically, these are the people who spend the most time on social media, and happen to be the easiest to approach. Make contacts with them, and establish yourself as a friendly person.

After you’ve gathered a handful of these contacts, move up one level. Look for their managers and supervisors, and then make contacts with them. It might take a little bit of work (but not much), and it won’t take long before those of the top of the corporate food chain see that you are connected with many people in the company (when they finally log on) and will be more inclined to accept your request. In fact, they may even add you to their networks first.

There you have it – an easy blueprint for making high-level contacts on social media!