If you just can’t seem to work your way up the search engine listings, then you already know how painful it can be to get the cold shoulder from Google. And although the hurt might not actually be emotional, it is something that’s likely to get you steamed up as you watch hundreds of thousands of customers flock to your competitors’ websites.

So, if Google has ignored everything you’ve done to make an impression, why are they singling you out (or not singling you out, if you think about it)? Why does the world’s most popular search engine hate your website?

That’s kind of hard to say from here, but it usually comes down to one of a few things:

You have no good content on your website. A lot of websites look great, but are either thin on written content, or have it locked behind flash animations and broken links. Having keyword-rich pages with clear page titles and tags goes a long way towards making your site more visible to search engines.

You have only very bad content on your website. On the other hand, simply having a bunch of keywords on your pages isn’t enough. In fact, if people don’t bother staying on your site, much less reading the content, Google will notice and start sending traffic elsewhere.

You actually have worse content than that. Even worse than having sloppy content is having things that have been copied or scraped from your competitors. Not only will Google ignore any such pages, they are likely to ban you from their search listings altogether if they think you’ve done something unethical.

Your website has no credibility with Google. When websites publish lots of interesting content, people naturally like to link to it and talk about it on social media profiles. If Google notices that isn’t happening with your site, then your search listings are going to be depressed as a result.

Your website is brand new. As a rule, Google doesn’t like brand-new websites, or those that have recently undergone lots of changes. So, if you’re just starting out – or even relaunching a new web presence – know that it might take a little bit of time for your search engine traffic to pick up.

The important thing to remember about Google search engine rankings is that they really aren’t personal – the algorithm is designed to help searchers find what they’re looking for, not what marketers want to promote. So, if you’ve noticed a common theme through this article, you’re probably on the right track. Google might hate your website now, but if you make a point of adding lots of fresh, interesting content to your site over time, you’ll be on top of the listings in no time.

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