Facebook ads – and social media advertising in general – present an interesting dilemma for a lot of business owners and marketers. On the one hand, we’ve all seen firsthand how quickly PPC ads took off, and were effective, as search engines gained in popularity. But on the other, lots of companies are nervous about investing money into social advertising when they aren’t quite sure how it works, or where the opportunities are.


What they may not realize is that it’s often easier than they think to get an instant bottom-line boost from Facebook ads. Here are a few of the reasons why:


Facebook Advertising Lets You Target Customers Differently


Traditional pay-per-click advertising campaigns revolve around keyword searches, but on Facebook you can target customers by information they give about themselves, rather than whatever they’re looking for at the moment. This can be a powerful distinction, as some products or ideas don’t get much search traffic (because customers aren’t aware of them, for example) and/or bidding on them would be expensive.


On Facebook, Even Advertising Is More Social


If you impress a customer enough on Facebook, they are likely to share your post (and products) with their contacts. That means a successful campaign can start to gain lots of momentum quickly, and can even take on a “viral” sort of quality. Get your messaging right, and you could get a lot of bang for your buck.


Facebook Ads Are Great for Impulse Purchases


Everyone knows people go on Facebook mainly to have fun. Why not tap into that and get them interested in your app, game, or other entertainment product? If you have something that looks like a good time and doesn’t cost a lot, you could find Facebook to be your best advertising outlet.


If you haven’t tried Facebook advertising yet, you might be missing out on a huge opportunity to grow your business. Why not give me a call and try social marketing this week? It’s easy to get started, and you won’t know how well it works until you’ve given it a shot!