When you send out an email newsletter, does it seem like it’s really going out to a few dozen people instead of the thousands of subscribers you see on your list?

If so, then you probably have a lot of “fakers,” people who don’t bother to unsubscribe from your distribution list, but don’t open your messages, either. Worst of all, the existence of fakers is usually your fault, not theirs.

Usually, you’re encouraging their disinterest simply by being boring. That is, you aren’t relevant or strong enough in your content to attract their attention.

This is a problem that can be fixed, though. Begin by looking at your “opens” for section of subscribers the next time you sent an email newsletter. Then look at those who didn’t bother to read your messages. They all have something in common. Chances are, there are common threads between them, and those commonalities can tell you something about the subscribers you aren’t connecting with.

When you have fakers in your email subscriber list, it’s worse than having no subscribers at all. So take action to turn them back into interested readers today!