What is your name and business name?  
Liz Pollack – Leg Up Services

Tell us about your company:
Leg Up Services is all about giving people a “leg-up”. We do this in 2 ways: 1. By providing mental health counseling to children and adults to help them to better understand themselves, their circumstances and more effective ways to overcome their difficulties and 2. By offering life and executive coaching to help individuals and organizations to grow, advance and achieve success.

How did you get started?
When I was in college I decided to major in psychology because I realized that understanding human nature – why we do what we do is critical in any profession. Getting my Masters in Counseling Psychology felt right to me and gave me the opportunity to help people on a one on one basis and in small groups. I started off working for social service agencies and eventually started my own private practice and took my experience into the business world to help companies and professionals grow and develop. I found the roles of teacher, consultant, and coach to fit perfectly with my values and life mission. I especially enjoy listening to others, helping them solve problems and watching them successfully utilize new skills. Since I have a passion to see people realize their full potential and clearly see myself giving others a “leg up” it was an easy decision to become an Advanced Certified Executive and Personal Life Coach.

What would you do if you didn’t have your company?
If I didn’t own my own company, I would probably want to work in a healthy company developing and overseeing Employee Development Programs. I love creating internal learning systems, succession planning and mentoring. There is nothing more satisfying than finding ways to help others to grow and develop.

What advice would you give others starting a business?
I think it is important to first know your own values and life mission and then to consider the best channel to live those values. Then it is critical that you focus your energy on a few areas even if you have multiple talents in a variety of areas. I think taking advantage of area resources such as SCORE and the Small Business Administration is essential. They can help with the legal/business aspects of starting your own company.

What do you attribute to your success?
In real-estate the 3 main words are location, location, location. I think my 3 words are reputation, reputation, reputation. More than anything I have tried to live my values and remember that I am always teaching. I can market, I can network, I can spend a lot of money building my company but if I don’t have a good reputation none of that will matter.

Tell us something that no one else knows about you
This one is hard for me because I’m a pretty open book. Some know this but many may not. If I were independently wealthy, I would open an animal rehabilitation center. I have seen many of these especially in Florida and I would love to work with both the animals and the staff in taking care of God’s creatures.

How can people contact you if they need your services?
People can contact me directly by e-mailing me at legup@mtco.com, calling me at 309-370-4492 or contacting me through my web page: www.legupservices.com