Often I’m asked “how do I get more Facebook fans?”  We have tried many ways for our clients such as running ads on Facebook, of course providing valuable information, and simply asking people to join the page.  But the best way that we have found managing our client’s Facebook pages is boosting posts.  After posting your content on your Facebook business page, your page should have a blue button that says “boost post”.  When you select it, Facebook will give you an option to choose the price, then you have the option to target friends of your fans or a certain industry or location.  For instance, if you were looking to do business with salons or spas, you can target people who have that topic in their profile.

This is why this type of advertising is so effective.  Targeting a certain group to like your page or see your post, may gain interest from these like-minded people or people in your area.  For example, if you are a local business, targeting people in your town or surrounding area boosting will help gain local fans.  Here are a few other tips for boosting posts:

  1. Boost only posts or links from your website.  Don’t waste boosts on promoting others.  Keep all your fans with you.
  2. Try friends of fans first if your page already gets a lot of comments and activity.
  3. Keep your posts valuable and interesting.  Your boosts will look more appealing to others if the content is interesting.

Facebook generally only allows Posts Boosts when a page has 100 fans.  However, some of our clients have less and we still get this option.  Try it and see what you think!