Of all the top social media networking websites to use, most businesses forget about LinkedIn. While not as “popular” as Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn can be very beneficial to helping individuals grow their business. With millions of professional users logging on each day, LinkedIn promotions can help create a network of contacts which are beneficial to the longevity of your business. If you’ve just been letting your profile sit and collect dust, it’s time to consider adding these ideas to the list and gain some visibility.

1.       Participate in Groups

LinkedIn allows you to join groups which are great for networking. You should not join groups that will not be beneficial to your company in some way shape or form. Instead you need to find group memberships that are active and have participating discussions that you can either add to or benefit from. Once you’ve joined relevant groups, the more you participate, the more your company profile will be displayed for others to see.

2.       Answer Questions

While participating in groups you should browse discussion boards and be willing to answer questions as they pertain to your business. This allows you to create a reputation for yourself as an authoritative figure within their community.

3.       Post Job Opportunities

You might not have thought of posting job vacancies as a method for promoting your business on LinkedIn, however, it works wonders. Posting positions and communicating with professionals not only brings staff to your business but allows you to network with individuals in your particular niche.

4.       Leave Status Updates

Simply entering an update of your status on the daily basis could let the world know what’s going on with your company and keep them interested in reviewing your profile. Post status changes such as special offers, announcements, and industry news that would be attractive to your target audience.

5.       Advertising

Last but not least, if you want to promote yourself on LinkedIn you can always invest in advertising. Using LinkedIn Direct Ads you can begin creating a target based advertising campaign. The Direct Ads features allow you to really hone in on your target audience with categories that include job function, geography, seniority, company size, gender, age, and more.

There are plenty of opportunities to promote yourself on social media sites such as LinkedIn. Remember to use all of your tools wisely and carefully track which methods are most successful to your businesses credibility.