In case you haven’t noticed, Google is paying more and more attention to the authority and credibility of its search results. The people who use Google want more reputable and trustworthy answers to their questions. As a result, Google is looking harder at your online credentials and reputation than ever before.

Here are three ways to show the world’s biggest search engine that you’re trustworthy:

#1: Include a Privacy Policy on Your Website – people want to know what will happen to their personal information if they subscribe to your newsletter or make a purchase from your website. Be sure to spell out the details of your privacy policy thoroughly.

#2: Point to a Couple of External References When It Makes Sense – if you have some hard-to-believe claims on your website, point to external websites that your point.

#3: Encourage Positive Online Reviews – the more good things people write about your business, the more potential customers (not to mention Google search engine spiders) are going to trust you.

Taking each of these three steps can help your search engine rankings and improve your credibility as a marketer at the same time. So what do you have to lose?