Workshop Descriptions

Tammy Finch was selected as a Solution provider for Constant Contact®, Inc.the trusted marketing adviser to more than 450,000 small organizations worldwide. As a solution provider, Tammy can present workshops on Social Media Marketing 101, Email Marketing – Simple Strategies, Getting Started with Constant Contact to help small businesses and nonprofits achieve marketing success. Contact Tammy to schedule an event for your organization.  Tammy also speaks on a variety of social media related topics.

Protect Your Reputation Online

Word-of-mouth advertising – and a good reputation among customers – is still your most valuable marketing and public relations asset in the digital age. The only difference is that now people aren’t talking at cafés or bus stops; they’re tweeting about your company and leaving reviews on the Internet.

That means a positive reputation can take you farther than ever… and that a few bad reviews can sink your sales overnight.

Unfortunately, most business owners and marketers don’t know what it takes to establish and grow a positive online reputation. In this short workshop, experienced online marketing coach Tammy Finch is going to show you why you should care what others on the Internet are saying about you, and the best ways to cultivate a positive image.

Covered topics include:

 The power of a positive online reputation, and how it directly affects your sales and marketing potential

 How to monitor reviews and conversations around you and your company, and what to do when people say something harmful or inaccurate

 How to manage (and separate) your personal and professional personas to avoid making the wrong impressions at the wrong times

 Using social media profiles and other digital tools to get feedback from buyers

 What you can start doing right now to encourage customers to say great things about your company and enhance your online reputation

This should be considered a must-attend session for any marketer or business owner who either doesn’t understand reputation management or hasn’t taken steps to enhance their online profile already.

Getting Started with Constant Contact

New to Constant Contact Email Marketing, or thinking about getting started using it? Want to learn some great tools and tips so you can start using Constant Contact like a pro?

In this highly practical live guided demonstration, we’ll introduce Constant Contact’s email marketing tools and features. You’ll learn the basics – and some great tips and tricks – to improve (or get started) with Email Marketing.

This Workshop Will Cover:

  1. Creating an email campaign
  2. Selecting and editing email templates
  3. Branding your emails with your logo, colors, and photos
  4. Editing text, adding links, inserting images and documents into emails
  5. Importing email contact lists into your contact database
  6. Tracking and interpreting your results
  7. Integrating social media marketing into email marketing
  8. Adding sign-up forms to your website, Facebook and emails
  9. Introducing great tools to help you grow your contact lists
  10.  And more!

This is a relaxed educational session — bring your questions!

The Basics of Social Media

Social media represents the new word-of-mouth. If you’ve been thinking about marketing your business with social media, you may feel overwhelmed and not sure how to get started. Or you may not be convinced that it works. This seminar is an introduction to the value of using social media to reach your customers.

Most small business are using social media to promote their business. This class is a beginner’s look at how your business or non-profit can start thinking about using social media marketing. You will learn why it’s important, how engagement marketing factors into your business, and basic information on each channel.

Getting Started with WordPress

When it comes to building a first or new business website, a lot of business owners tend ask, “Where do I even start?” That’s not always an easy question to answer, especially if you don’t know the difference between HTML and a ham sandwich. WordPress is one of the top content management systems (CMS) for websites.WordPress runs approximately 22% of the Internet’s websites. We will discuss:

  • Why Websites are important
  • Hosting and Domain Names
  • vs. self hosted
  • Costs and steps to set up

Hands-on Training on WordPress will cover:

  • Reviewing the dashboard
  • Themes, plugins, widgets, menus
  • Pages vs. Posts
  • Premium themes and where to find them
  • Creating basic pages and posts

You do not need to be using WordPress to attend this workshop. Come see what WordPress is all about.

An Introduction to Facebook for Business

we will explain the difference between a personal page, group page and business page. We will also cover the following topics:

  • Overview of social media marketing
  • The differences between Facebook pages, business fan pages and groups and why a Facebook Fan Page is best for your business.
  • Review case studies to learn how businesses are already successfully using Facebook Fan Pages
  • How to setup your Facebook Fan Page or Profile
  • Chat with friends
  • Send a private message
  • Facebook Rules and Etiquette
  • Q & A time to address issues regarding online marketing
5 Keys to Facebook Marketing

Facebook advertising is one of the best ways to target the audience you are looking for and use your advertising dollars effectively. In this session we discuss the 5 keys items you need on Facebook for effective marketing.  We will set up a Facebook boost, target the audience and discuss ways to expand your reach beyond your Facebook fans.

We will cover:

Why having a business page is important

What to do now that Facebook changed the way you interact as your business page

Facebook ads

Inviting new Fans to people who interacted with your page

Content and where to find it

Promote Yourself using LinkedIn

Will show you new tools for promoting yourself and your company. We will explain what LinkedIn is and how to join “the social media party”. Then we will cover the following topics:

  • Find out about LinkedIn
  • Examine the LinkedIn profile page
  • Add application such as reading list
  • Create an effective profile
  • Successfully search for and initiate contact with others.
  • Add events
  • Build and grow a powerful network
  • Understand the importance of giving and receiving recommendations
  • Find and join groups and use them to your advantage

Call Web Services at 309-699-2849 for more information.

Social Media in 10 Minutes a Day

Are you a local business owner that is using social media and Facebook for your business but are not getting the results you expected?
This workshop will show you the value of using social media to reach your current customers and get new customers to engage with you. Many simple tips will be provided.
Topics include:

• We will be discussing some of the most popular social media networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+. Learn why each one might be right for your business or organization.
• We will focus on Facebook for Content Strategies and why it’s important to engage customers.
• Show you some websites you can create engaging content for free
• Learn some short cut tools such as a share bar and scheduling posts
• A look at Facebook advertising and boosting. These are ways you can reach a target audience without wasting money.

An Introduction to Constant Contact

This seminar is a slide presentation with an introduction to Email Marketing with Constant Contact. At the heart of small businesses marketing are the campaigns that drive-actions- collaborations of marketing activities that help a small business or organization to achieve its goals and objectives. E- Newsletters and announcements have become core components of those campaign choices. Email is more important than ever- to the communication efforts of business and non-profits everywhere, and to the costumer, donor, clients, or supporter of those organizations.

This session will reveal some simple and effective practices and considerations for small businesses of non-profits seeking to make their communications more effective. Attendees to this presentation will learn:

The different types of E-Newsletters
Subject line best practices, and when to send your newsletter
The importance of understanding the connection between email marketing and social media
What type of additional tools may be useful

60 Ways to Grow Your List

It’s time to grow your contact list!

Join us for our “60 Ways to Grow Your List” workshop – you’ll leave with ideas and strategies to capture new contacts, grow your list and take action to help move your business forward.

Having an interested and qualified list of contacts, that you can stay top of mind with, is vital to every business. Continuing to grow that list is just as important.

In this workshop we will show you 60 easy ways to grow your contact list today!

We will cover:
• Why someone should join your contact list and what’s in it for them

• How to ask people to join your list “face-to-face”

• How to use social media to grow your list

• How to grow your list on your website or blog

• How to use print material to get people to sign up

• How to use events to help grow your list

• How to use incentives and giveaways to grow your list

Plus, you’ll have a chance to network with other attendees and grow your contact list, live during the workshop!

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