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My new book, Managing Your Online Reputation: Owning & Controlling Your Brand is important to companies to learn to monitor what is being said about them online.

Why do other people decide to do business with you and your company? On the surface, that answer is probably easy. Maybe you have a good location, offer the best products, or can boast lower prices than any of your competitors.  These are all great advantages to have. And yet, they aren’t enough. Millions of people purchase products and services every single day from companies that don’t have the best selection, and sometimes pay higher prices to do so.

Managing Your Online Reputation is a great tool to help companies understand why it’s important to monitor their online reputation.

My book, Simple ways to Promote your Business – Untangling the web and Internet Marketing is filled with short articles from social media to accounting.  They are easy to understand even for “non-computer” people.

Internet marketing, social media marketing and the web can be a scary place for businesses. This book is a collection of articles that were written to help anyone with a computer find their way around the Internet. Tammy Finch is a well known website designer who has written articles for national publications, as well as local newspapers on the topics of Email Marketing, Social Media, Facebook for Business and general computer use. This book is divided into sections such as “your computer and you”, “Internet marketing”, etc. There is something for everyone!