Website management – having your designer look after your website after it’s been launched – is an inexpensive and underrated service. Although a lot of business people treat the ongoing maintenance of their web presence as an afterthought, they can help you accomplish a few important things:


Website management keeps your website up-to-date – having someone look after your website is the perfect way to make sure things like phone numbers, addresses, and staff bios stay up to date. The same applies to product and service pages, which may need fresh prices or descriptions now and then.


It stops you from overlooking analytics in improvements – a lot of business people are very excited about their new websites for a month or two, and then forget about them. Having website management in place means there’s always someone studying customer behavior to spot problems and opportunities.


Website management helps improve online security – strong passwords, automatic backups, and regular security checks are all part of website management… and each one can save you precious time and money if someone attempts to gain access to the back end of your site.


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