Wondering whether it’s time to give your website a fresh look? There’s never a bad time to improve your most important marketing and public relations tool, but here are a few especially good occasions to improve your web presence:


When your current website is out of date – if your current website looks tired, then it’s time to start knocking down walls and inserting a few new pixels.


When you’re making big changes to your business – if your business is changing, then that’s a sign that your business website should, as well.


When you are doing other off-line promotions – if you are sending out mailers, giving speeches, or performing other off-line marketing, remember that many of the people who hear about your company will head to your website first.


When you want to increase sales in the future – even in the digital age, it takes awhile for an online marketing plan to kick in. So, look ahead and build a new website now if you’re going to need more sales later.


When you have time and money to devote to the project – improving your website is a great way to improve your bottom line. If you have the time and money to invest, why not make the upgrade you need?


If you’re seeing one of these signs in your business, don’t delay – make an appointment for a free consultation and look at upgrading your business website before it’s too late!