I know some entrepreneurs who think that services like Squarespace and Wix are some of the best tools ever invented. I also know more than a few web designers who think they are complete ripoffs. Which group is correct?

You could make a good argument that it’s neither… or maybe both.

The problem here isn’t with the DIY website service model. Instead, it’s with the expectations people attach to them. To understand the good and bad of a service like Wix, you have to get a couple of key details. Let’s run through them.

The Best Thing About Wix and Squarespace

Let’s be positive and start with the good things about web template services. They are fast, affordable, and (generally) easy to use. That makes them ideal for those with brand-new startups who might have plenty of enthusiasm but no real money to spend.

If you came to me with just a few dollars in your pocket and told me you wanted to put your business online, I’d be happy to point you toward one of those companies. You couldn’t afford my work anyway, and they would be a great match for what you’re looking for.

What’s Not so Good About Squarespace and Wix

Life is all about compromises, isn’t it? When you use a DIY web template you save time and money, but you’re getting a website that’s customizable rather than customized. That might sound like a small difference, but it isn’t.

Generic web templates don’t help your business stand out. And, they can’t be configured with the kinds of tools and programming you’ll eventually need to grow your company beyond the smallest level. That means you’ll likely hit a performance wall sooner or later, and one that might leave you with a bloated website that’s slow and unresponsive, and with some big security issues.

Finding the Web Design Sweet Spot

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