Have you completely forgotten about your web hosting? Are you one of those business owners who isn’t even quite sure what company hosts their website?

If either of those sounds like you, rest easy in the fact that you’re in good company. Most people treat web hosting as an afterthought, something that’s akin to a parking space for their website. While this is partly accurate however, there are risks to choosing the wrong web host.

One particular concern is that, with a terrible web host, you might share your server with a shady company. You might think you don’t care what your virtual neighbors are up to, but when somebody else in your server sends spam, contracts viruses, or gets blacklisted by Google, you can suffer by association. You may find that your email is blocked, your website disappears from Google’s rankings, or that your information isn’t as secure as it used to be.

It’s fine to set up your web hosting and forget about it… but only if you choose the right service to begin with.