With almost 60% of your website visitors being mobile, what more evidence do you need to convert your website to a mobile responsive site?  How about your Google ranking?

Google wants your website to be mobile friendly or they will rank your website lower on their search listings.  The new ranking methodologies will affect rankings beginning April 21, 2015.

As a Google Partner, we receive updates on Google’s ranking changes and preparing for changes like these.  If you are not sure if your site is mobile responsive, take a look on a mobile device.  If you can use it easily, you are probably okay.  Email us for confirmation.  If we have built your website in the last two years, it is mobile responsive.

Why do you care if your website is mobile friendly? 

  1.  Your website rankings will suffer.
  2. More than half of your visitors cannot view your site easily.
  3. Your competitors care.

Give me a call 309-699-2849 to discuss your mobile responsive site.  We give significant discounts to current website or hosting customers.