If you produce a regular email marketing newsletter, going with a premium service like a aWeber, Constant Contact, or Mail Chimp) is definitely worth the investment. Sure, you could save a few dollars a month by taking your business elsewhere, but you’ll get a lot less in return.

Here are a few reasons not to go cheap with your email vendor:

Their big differences in delivery rates – this is the biggest and most important reason to go with a reputable email company. The big services all have great reputations with Internet service providers and can help you get your messages delivered. No one can buy from you if they can’t read what you sent.

Your email will have a more professional appearance – the best email companies have a lot of pre-defined templates that you can customize within minutes, giving your email newsletter a polished and professional look.

You’ll get access to the best social and tracking tools – you can’t improve your marketing without having one eye on the analytics, and the best tracking tools are provided by the big names in the industry. If you want to know how many opens and clicks you’re getting, or what kind of social response or emails are generating, choosing the right vendor is a good first step.

Email marketing is a fast, reliable, and affordable way to reach out to customers. If you’re going to use one of the best tools in your online marketing arsenal, make sure you’re doing it with a premium service that can help you get the right results.