Often, when new clients come to us for web design and internet marketing, one of their first priorities is to improve their Google search engine ranking. They may be in a hurry to add new content, generate fresh inbound links, and optimize the keywords on their pages.


All of these can be good ideas, but there is another step that should come first: auditing a website to see where it currently ranks, and to look at it through Google’s eyes.


Doing so can often yield interesting insights. It may lead us to understand that minor tweaks are needed instead of major changes, or that customers are flocking to a competitor using different keywords than a business owner expected. A client may even find that they have structural issues on their website that need to be repaired before new content can make a difference.


This is all a way of saying that gathering information is the first step toward generating a plan of action. If you want to improve your search visibility, begin with a comprehensive SEO audit from a team that knows what they are doing.