I can’t think of one of my clients who doesn’t want to be on Google’s first page. I’m asked all the time “How do I get on the first page of Google?” I usually give them my regular answer, a good adaptive (responsive) website, social media and blog or write articles to increase your website visibility. It’s not easy and it does take work but being dedicated always pays off. If you Googled “Tammy Finch Web” I have every listing on the entire first page of Google. Even my test site for WordPress training appears in the listing. I’m proud of it because I do work hard to stay there. This blog is one of the things that help me.

Obviously, the organic search is where you want to be.  People typing words into Google’s search bar and finding your website and not paying for your listing.  That can get expensive.

Is there a downside? Maybe. Since “Web Services, Inc” is a common name, I get a lot of calls, maybe one a week, from client’s from other Web Services, Inc companies in other states. Either they are being treated unfairly, charged for something they didn’t order or the company just isn’t available. I explain to them that I’m not the Web Services, Inc they are looking for. Some people understand and some think the company is pretending to be me. I’ve actually gotten a client from these calls. I always end the conversation with “if you need help with your website, give me a call back”.

Some of these calls aren’t easy to manage.  The people are angry and have been charged for something they don’t understand.  So maybe there is a downside, however, I think that it is a small price I have to pay for a good listing on search engines.