Lots of online marketers, and especially newer ones, waste thousands and thousands of dollars in pay-per-click advertising every year because they neglect to follow one simple rule: look for buyers, not searchers.

Never forget that the goal of your campaigns is to increase sales, not necessarily to bring lots of traffic to your website. The two sometimes go hand-in-hand, but not always.

To help you keep you focus on buyers and not searchers, here are a few quick tips to follow:

Use More Specific Keywords – look for search phrases that signal a buying intent, and don’t automatically bid on a phrase or term just because it gets lots of traffic.

Put Negative Keywords to Use – keeping the searchers you don’t want away is just as valuable as bringing in the ones you do. Make liberal use of negative keywords so you aren’t paying for clicks that will never turn into sales.

Tweak Your Account Settings – make sure you have the correct location, time, language, and device settings for your advertising messages.

It’s easy to waste thousands on search advertising if you aren’t careful, so put these tips to use today!