Want more of your subscribers to open your emails? That starts with writing better subject lines. Here are five easy ways you can make yours more compelling:


#1: Ask a Question – see if you can frame your subject in the form of a question (like “Are you spending too much on web design?”). It creates interest and curiosity about your message.


#2: Promise a Secret – people love secrets! Giving them “5 Secret Tips for Better Marketing,” for example, is a great way to pique their interest.


#3: Offer a Reminder – if the article or idea has been anticipated, say so. Use a subject line like “Here’s
That Product Review You’ve Been Waiting For.”


#4: Use the Power of Numbers – giving numbered tips (like in the title of this post) makes your topic seem easy and accessible.


#5: Lead with a Discount – subscribers love sales and discounts, so if you are having a “20%-off summer sale,” say so in your email subject line.


Any of these five tips can be used to increase the opening of your email newsletter. Give them a try with your next newsletter or promotion!