Websites are often launched with big plans and lots of excitement. The business owners behind them invest a great deal of time and money getting them online, firm in the conviction they will devote the time and money needed to keep pages up to date, make sure plug-ins keep working, and write plenty of content for SEO purposes.

What happens, of course, is that they do all of these things… for a little while. Then, the website stops being a brand-new project and they become overwhelmed with other work. Before long, the site has gotten outdated and the accompanying online leads, phone calls, or walk-in visits start to dry up.

If this story seems all too familiar to you, we have the solutions you been looking for. The first step is to remember that even the best website won’t create sales opportunities without a little bit of effort and attention. You don’t have to live online to be a successful online marketer, but you do have to make an effort.

Let’s look at four different tactics you can use to revitalize your small business web presence today…

#1 Remove Any Old or Inaccurate Information from Your Website

At the very least, your business website shouldn’t be harming your business. That can happen, though, if you have outdated information on your pages that is confusing to your customers and prospects.

By removing that kind of content, you can strengthen your online marketing. You can also make it more likely that Google will send visitors your way because your pages will be current.

#2 Take Steps to Speed Your Website Up

It’s very common for websites that have been neglected to run slowly. Some may even produce error messages for visitors, or crash in certain browsers.

To speed your website up and avoid these kinds of issues, your first step is to order a website audit that includes a review of your coding, plug-ins, and content. That way your web designer can clear up any problem areas for you. You might also want to change themes and fonts or opt for better website hosting.

#3 Develop a Content Marketing Plan That is Realistic

It’s ironic, but a lot of business owners put off the job of creating content for their webpages and social accounts because it just feels too overwhelming. They can’t imagine writing regularly, for instance, so they don’t do it at all.

The best way to break out of this kind of funk is to simply develop a written plan that includes a set number of content updates each week or month. If your strategy is realistic it will help you stay organized and motivated.

#4 Run Some Ads to Drum Up New Website Visits

Nothing helps to attract new buyers to your website like a targeted Google AdWords campaign. In a matter of hours you can have your offers shown to search engine visitors who happen to be looking for the product or service you provide. And, you can get all of that for just a few dollars a day.

Once those ads are running, you can expand your reach to Facebook and double or triple your viewership. Then, you’ll be amazed how quickly the new sales come rolling in.

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