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More traffic to your website or more Facebook Fans!
If you are looking for a way to get TARGETED website traffic Facebook advertising is the perfect solution. Choose the location, gender, age, likes and interests, relationship status, workplace and education of your target audience.

Where will my ad show on Facebook?
Ads can show on the right-hand side of most pages on Facebook and in desktop or mobile news feed. The right-hand column will usually show up to six ads at the same time, and your position will be determined based on your budget, taking into account your bid, your ad's quality and its past performance.

Here is an example: your upcoming event for women in Peoria IL is only 1 month away. Let's run an ad targeting women between the ages of 25 and 55, who live within 50 miles of your event. We can even choose their interest based on their profile or Facebook pages they like. We will be targeting 131,320 women on Facebook. When these women login to Facebook, your ad will appear on the side of their screen.

Here is another example: your website just launched and you want to get new traffic but only want small business owners to visit. We can create an ad reaching only small business owners across the country, reaching 6,810,780 people! We recommend limited your campaign to a daily budget.

YOU tell me your budget, and we work with that. I can help you find the most effective way to reach your TARGET audience!

Contact me today for a quote. Remember you set the budget whether it's $100 or $10,000 - you can reach the customers you want!


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